Now you can enjoy our scents across your entire home without the need for an open flame. Available as a refill kit - complete with fresh reeds - so you can pick up a beautiful ceramic diffuser from us or use one you already have!

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Unique Scents

Our best selling scents are custom blends, meaning you wont find them anywhere else.

That does occasionally mean that seasonal scents are one and done, however, so if you find something you can't live without.. stock up!

Value For Money

We only use a luxurious coconut-soy wax and premium fragrance oils to create our wax products. The wax has a lower melting point which gives you a room-filling experience with a longer burn time

if you are looking for the most affordable way to scent your home, our wax melt snap bars give 40 hours of fragrance each and we're always running 3 for 2


We avoid the use of single use plastics in our production. From our waxed paper packaging to reusable handmade jars. Where possible, refillable options will also be available and encouraged.

Where plastic is used (in our large melt samplers) it is recycled and recyclable


We use only natural waxes (a coconut soy blend) in our candles and melts to give you the cleanest burn for your home.

Keep those wicks trimmed to keep soot at bay. Although paraffin free candles are less likely to smoke, candle care is still key to getting the most from your burn.