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Ceramic Diffuser - choose your refill

Ceramic Diffuser - choose your refill

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For those who want constant fragrance and those who need flameless alternatives, we finally have a diffuser option. Launching with 2 of our most popular scents, Good Morning (Bergamot, Amber and Lemon Blossom) and Cashmere (Myrrh, Tonka & Patchouli) these diffusers were envelope your space in scent.

Rather than having to buy a new diffuser every time, we are offering the bottle and the refill seperately. Whether you buy our bottle or use one you already have, we're cutting down on waste and giving you the most affordable option.

The diffuser bottle is a beautiful creamy ceramic which should fit well with any decor. The reeds are black and 'no flip', meaning they absorb the scent steadily, don't clog and will release the fragrance more consistently for a longer lasting experience. They take a few days to full absorb and 50% of us (Karen) is impaptient and still flips them day one. EACH TO THEIR OWN!

Each refill will come in an aluminium bottle with 8 fresh reeds.

If oil is spilled, clean up immediately. We do not use any colours in our diffuser oils but oil in contact with walls/furnishings may stain.


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