How long will your candles burn for?

This obviously varies by size but as a brief guide

50g (travel tin) - 15hrs

160g (20cl) - 30hrs

220g (concrete jar) - 40hrs

Honestly? These are minimums. We have had as much as 60hrs from our 220g jars when burned optimally (4hr sessions, trimming the wick between burns) but let's be real.. sometimes we light a candle and leave it on all day. It's not the BEST way but it's what we do. So we're giving you a burn time based on reality because isn't it always better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed?

Also - those little tins really do give you 15hrs.. we couldn't believe it either!

Do you ship internationally?

We do! After MUCH research we discovered that Royal Mail was the best solution for this service and we have brackets of shipping costs dependant on the weight of your parcel. We have subsidised that so that you aren't paying the full cost yourself and the more you buy the more of that we shoulder.

All parcels are tracked and we're advised that the service is 5 - 7 days

Are your candles pet safe?

Our waxes are non-toxic, coconut soy and we chose them because the are said to give the cleanest burn alongside untreated, 100% cotton wicks. We also avoid pure essential oils because they can be irritating for both pets and humans. We've listed any relevant hazard or allergen information in each product description - these vary scent to scent. Beyond that, this question triggered a pet-safe project for 2024.

While we don't feel comfortable giving a definitive answer right now, we can tell you that from the (seemingly endless) research we put in before launching Smoke + Matches, we are happily burning our products around our pets and children on a daily basis.