Meet The Makers

We are Khila and Karen and we met at our day job in the railway industry.

We bonded over our sarcasm and ability to laugh in the midst of a crisis and eventually realised we had more in common than TV shows and dry humour. why candles?

It's hard to pin point exactly where this idea took root but both being somewhat creative 'seekers', it was only a matter of time until we did something together.. it was just a matter of what. The idea of a candle business was discussed in mid 2022 but knowing the time and dedication it required, we decided to work to Autumn 2023 as a launch date. In hindsight, this presented itself at a time when we were each looking to escape some mental health struggles and throw ourselves in to an all consuming pastime. For the past 18 months we have lived and breathed wax and fragrance. The volume of messages exchanged would lead you to believe we were engaging in a sordid affair. From deciding on the colour of our tissue paper at 3am to those first test sales, it has already been such a journey and we can only hope that you enjoy what we have laboured over enough that we get to keep doing it