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Citronella - Trio of Tins

Citronella - Trio of Tins

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NOT JUST CITRONELLA but the ULTIMATE Bug Repeller! Last summer we had so many requests for a citronella candle but we didn't want to put out something you could buy at the supermarket. We pride ourselves on offering a more unique, elevated experience and so when it came to an outdoor candle.. it had to be MORE.

This blend includes citronella, lavender, peppermint and lemongrass. Citronella has already been recognised as an effective substitute for toxic insecticides but the other notes have their own specific uses too (peppermint is a great spider repellant, lavender is great for keeping flies, ticks and mosquitos at bay)and before launching, we've already had requests for this is a ROOM SPRAY for that very reason.

This is a STRONG scent - Khila knows this best since she spilled it all over herself and no her washer and entire house smells of it. Hopefully that means a bug free Summer but she'll still be burning the candles to be safe!


  • 100g in 10cl tins x 3
  •  Burn Time: 15-20 hours
  • Coconut Soy Wax with a 100% Cotton Wick
  • Hand Poured in Yorkshire

**extra notes 

There will be tea light refills coming for these so once you've burned them down, you can keep the tins and pop in a tea light. 

The burn time will vary depending on the elements. Because these are outdoor candles, this was harder to measure but we have one major tip for getting the most from your outdoor candle. When first lighting, shelter them from the wind. If you have an old candle jar, that would work perfectly as a mini hurricane lantern to keep the flame lit. Initially we were only going to fill these halfway for that reason but decided we wanted to give you the most we could for your money - that does mean babysitting the flame for a couple of hours in windy conditions but hopefully more is still more. 

Goes without saying to avoid getting a candle wet but if you do, just being it indoors, poor out any water on the surface (once cooled) and leave to dry before relighting. 


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